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 Boreal Back Country Cabins


Twenty years ago we bought 80 acres just north of Tofte, MN, dreaming of creating off-grid, hike-in camper cabins for backwood enthusiasts to enjoy.
It's been a long journey. We built a road from the bottom of the hill to our property in 2007. It's a private gated road across the Superior National Forest and it allows us driving access but not others. It's been a blessing and a curse. When dry it has allowed us to accomplish a lot... when wet, not so much.
In 2012 we built a cabin and an outhouse. In 2020 we were lucky enough to have a really dry spring and were able to get a well-drilling rig up the road. They hit an artesian well at 123 ft. We built a solar pumphouse to help with the flow--we have water!!
We built a second cabin in 2020-2021.
We both retired in 2021--Sonja, a server at Chester Creek Cafe in Duluth, and Scott a high school teacher.
So here we are. After 15 years of planning, pounding nails (we did all the work, just the two of us), and solving problems, we are excited to be sharing our cabins and the beautiful maple woods with Supeior Hiking Trail users.
The two cabins, Sugar Maple and Black Spruce are well spaced to allow a private experience if sought after, but community can be found with shared spaces. We will be on-site staying at the end of the road to answer any questions that arise.

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